Get Your Tickets Now: Waterford FC Clashes with Shamrock Rovers in Exciting Away Game

Get Your Tickets Now: Waterford FC Clashes with Shamrock Rovers in Exciting Away Game

Apr, 30 2024

Tickets Now Available for Waterford FC's Highly Anticipated Match Against Shamrock Rovers FC

Football enthusiasts and fans of Waterford FC, mark your calendars for an enthralling encounter as the team heads to Tallaght Stadium to face Shamrock Rovers FC on Monday, May 6th. This match is not just another fixture in the league; it carries the weight of history and a fresh opportunity for Waterford to prove their mettle against one of the toughest teams in the league.

This significant match is set to kick off at 5 pm, and fans interested in supporting Waterford FC from the stands can now secure their tickets. The pricing is thoughtfully segmented to accommodate fans of all categories: adults, concessions, and children under 12, making it accessible for families to enjoy the sport together. Specifically, ticket prices have been set at €20 for adults, €15 for concessions, and a mere €8 for children under 12. Ensuring a family-friendly environment is a priority, and these pricing tiers reflect that commitment.

A Look Back at the Teams' Last Encounters

Last time Waterford visited Tallaght Stadium, the stakes were incredibly high as they battled for promotion in a gripping match against Cork City, which they won 2-1 after an intense extra-time period. This victory in November not only secured their promotion but also boosted the team's confidence massively.

However, the upcoming game also serves as a rematch to the recent clash that took place at the RSC in April, where Waterford fell to Shamrock Rovers with a close 2-1 scoreline. The match was a nail-biter; Shamrock Rovers' Darragh Burns and Roberto Lopes scored for the visiting side, while Robbie McCourt marked the score sheet for Waterford just before the half-time. The dynamic of the game showed just how closely matched both teams are, setting the stage for an electrifying rematch.

Experience the Thrill at Tallaght Stadium

Tallaght Stadium, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities, promises a perfect backdrop for this football spectacle. Waterford fans will find their place in the East Stand of the stadium, entering through Gate 1. The gates will open at 3:30 pm, a good 90 minutes before kick-off, offering fans enough time to settle in and soak up the pre-match ambiance.

This event isn't just about the sport; it's about the community, spirit, and passion that only football can invoke. It's a day where fans can come together, clad in their team's colors, cheering and singing in unison, driving their team forward. The clash against Shamrock Rovers is more than a game; it's a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of Waterford FC's journey in top-flight football.

Securing Your Spot at the Game

For all fervent supporters, securing a ticket is of paramount importance. Tickets are not only a pass to witness the thrilling match but also a badge of support for Waterford FC as they continue fighting their battles on the field. Fans are encouraged to buy their tickets early to avoid last-minute rushes and potential disappointments. Tickets can be purchased online or at designated outlets, ensuring ease of access for all supporters.

Be part of this exciting football journey by getting your tickets now! Whether cheering from the stands or following from afar, your support counts! Watch as Waterford FC strives to carve out a victory against Shamrock Rovers in what promises to be another landmark in Irish football history.